now she live in Philadelphia,and just start journey in U.S.A. again
She want show Japanese style women wrestling!! and she can death-match,too!!

Sumie Sakai's Personal Notes...

I enjoy training hard and trying to learn American style and Mexican style
at CHIKARA and PWU school. I want to go to a lot of pro wrestling schools
in the United States.
I love Hello Kitty merchandise.I like to collect them.
I love American foods. But American foods made me fat.
When I had a bad thing,I was able to diet.
I have a lot of friends. My treasure is my real friends!! When I had show for Sabu in Japan,a lot of wrestlers helped it. Because everybody like Sabu. I want to become like Sabu. I really respect Sabu and Hitomi(his wife).

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Ring name☆Real name/Sumie Sakai
Home town/Japan
                  I live in Philadelphia

Debut/April 20th. 1997 in Korakuen Hall  vs. Megumi Yabushita
Trainer/Jaguar Yokota
Promotion/Jd'(1997-2003) - Freerance
Training/ Jd'(Jaguar Yokota,LionessAsuka,Cooga,Bison Kimura) Killer Kowalski School(Killer Kowalski,Slyk Wagner Brown,Tim) Steve Bradley
How It Started/I was invited by a friend from judo who wanted to wrestle. I
decided to enter the wrestling business with her(Megumi Yabushita) and we
became a tag team(YABUSAKA).

Wrestling Style/High-Flyer, Technical, Old-School and Death Matches. I
usually work as a babyface because of my size and style.But I want to
challenge various things in professional wrestling.

Titles Held/TWF World Tag,All Japan Tag,JD Junior,AWF,QOR,North American
Women's Champion,

Biggest Win/It was an anything goes, falls count anywhere, weapons match.
Me and Hiroyo Mutoh vs. The Bloody and Fang Suzuki. We became the TWF Tag

Favorite Type of Match/Death Match is my favorite. But I like every type of
match...except for cat fights and gown matches.

Favorite moves☆Holds/Moonsault Press,Small Package
Biggest Allies/All the wrestlers that are working to raise the status of
women's professional wrestling.
Most Hated Enemies/None in the United States...yet!

Career Highlight/I enjoyed wrestling the most famous woman wrestlers in
Japan. I also had matches against some famous male wrestlers, including
Great Sasuke, Dick Togo,Ikuto Hidaka,Minoru Fujita,Kintaro Kanemura and
Shinzaki Jinsei (Hakushi).

Favorite Wrestler/I have a lot of respect for TAJIRI. and I really enjoy
his work. Also CM Punk,Satoshi Kojima,AJ Styles,Christpher Daniels,Dick
Togo,Curry man and Sabu.
Wrestling Ambition/I want to change American women's wrestling. I want it
to be more respected and more highly regarded in America. I can speak some
English, no problem and I want a match with every American wrestler

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